Liz Fitts, MSW

My Message to Clients

Are you feeling tired of life? Is its seemingly unrelenting pace and struggle burning you out? Are you feeling like you just can't take much more of the battle you're fighting? Reach out to connect with me today!

I've walked with many people who suffer through long seasons of difficulty and feel hopeless. I consider it a privilege to enter the therapeutic journey. I approach every client with empathy and a desire to connect to their lived experience. With support and commitment, I know you can achieve deep healing, improved functioning, and a renewed perspective on life.

I believe in a holistic approach. In our time together we will explore how your environment, personality, and relationships impact your physical, emotional, and mental state in order to achieve greater fulfillment in life. It is my desire to come alongside you and help you move into your future with an elevated satisfaction in who you are, and improved confidence to actualize your life’s goals. For clients with traumatic experiences, I welcome the opportunity to provide you a safe and compassionate environment to help explore, process, and heal.

This consultation call has no cost and no obligation, so don’t wait. Use the contact form on our page to request a consultation today.

About Liz

Liz Fitts is a psychotherapist in a small group practice where she welcomes adults, teens, and couples looking to begin the change process. With each client, Liz uses a person centered approach to connect relationally, gain an understanding of their unique circumstances, and provide a safe, supportive environment to work through their difficulties.

Therapy sessions with Liz initially focus on connection and exploring the client's environment. Her wellness views are holistic and she helps clients learn to curiously observe and identify their mental, emotional, and spiritual functioning patterns. Through a collaborative effort, clients explore and adopt new strategies to implement in practical scenarios, ultimately gaining greater self awareness and better functioning.

With years of work among youth and families, Liz is uniquely qualified to help people navigate strained relationships, develop healthy personal boundaries, manage depression and anxiety, and explore trauma-related issues. Her work in the public school system gave her an intimate look at teenage functioning as it relates to academic stressors, social media, self-esteem and other common adolescent struggles. This experience better equipped her to support teens and parents of teens during this unique transitional period. For clients who are grounded in a Christian faith, Liz loves to explore and integrate faith-based principles and other spiritual disciplines in their work together.

Liz Fitts is currently a pre-license professional servicing residents of Virginia. She provides virtual sessions and office visits in Sterling, Virginia. She is bilingual and sees both English and Spanish-speaking clients.

I would love to connect with you - request a consultation today.